Thai cooking class

Capelle aan den IJssel

Thai cooking class
Only  € 61

Learn to cook traditional Thai cuisine in this professional workshop.

Persons 1 - 10
Estimated duration
With a private workshop you are the only participant. Some workshops are always organized as a private workshop, others for a supplement or it is not possible.
All year
Only available during in its season. Please check the validity of your voucher.
Age Min. 10 years
1 year
How long the voucher is valid after issue.
Within 2 weeks
They don't like the present? You may cancel the voucher in 14 days after purchasing.
See also: our return policy
Per person € 61
  • Do you want to book a private workshop, book for more than 5 people or book for a day that is 'sold out'? Request more information
  • The workshops are on Saturdays from 1 pm to 17 pm
  • Not all dishes are prepared in every workshop
  • Children only when accompanied by an adult
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  • Capelle aan den IJssel
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