Frequently Asked Questions

Is the workshop available on a specific date?

You can see in the calendar under the workshop when there is availability. You can then book directly. You can see the availability of the color:
Red means that the day is no longer available.
Yellow means that the day is almost full.
Green means that there is still sufficient availability in the planning.
Gray means that the day is on request. You can make a reservation for this day. The providers are doing their utmost to schedule you for that day.

What is the minimum age of the participant or passenger?

Take a look at the Specifications section of the workshop of your choice, that is what it says.

What time is the workshop?

When composing your workshop you can specify a reservation request for a day and part of a day. You will receive a confirmation by mail with more information and the exact time.

Can the voucher be renewed?

voucher can be renewed if they have not expired. Click on "Make reservation" , enter the voucher number and click on "Change voucher". The voucher can not be renewed after the expiry date.

Can I also pay at the providers?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The providers only schedule appointments when prepaid. This is done because of 'no shows'.

Can I postpone or cancel the workshop?

Yes, free of charge up to 24 hours before the workshop. After that, costs may be charged, for example because the provider can not book another participants for that period, or costs have already been made.

What does the voucher look like?

Download this example.

How does ordering work exactly?

Read all about it on our page How it works.

Can the workshop also be given in English?

No problem! All colleagues of the providers speak English.

I made a reservation, but have not heard anything yet

When you made a reservation you received an email with the contact details of the provider. The planner will contact you within 2 working days to confirm the reservation. For questions about your reservation you can contact the provider. Funspiration unfortunately can not help with questions about planning.
You can request the information from the provider via 'Make an appointment' on the basis of your voucher number. Please do not come to the provider before your reservation is confirmed.

How long is the voucher valid?

All vouchers are valid until 1 year after issue.

When and how do I receive the voucher?

After ordering you will receive a link with which you can download the voucher directly as a PDF file. When you choose to pay on the basis of an invoice, you will receive the voucher after processing your payment. This takes about 2 business days.

I have a question about a reservation

When you made the reservation you received an email with the contact details of the provider: both the telephone number and the mail address. Do not call or mail with Funspiration, we can not help you with questions about the planning.
If you have lost the confirmation email, you can request the information about the provider via 'Create an appointment' based on your cadeauboncode. Please do not come to the provider before you have received a confirmation.

My question is not listed here...

Of course, you can always drop an e-mail or call us.
Please go to the contact page.

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